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  Driver- Wayne Lockey                            Passenger- TBA                                                                                 photo by Neil Jones -Crovan Imaging

  Driver- Wayne Lockey                            Passenger- TBA                                                                                 photo by Neil Jones -Crovan Imaging

Wayne Lockey along  with the beautifully crafted and immaculately presented F2 Ireson Honda, a man and machine that have outstanding capabilities to race against time and produce some of the best racing you'll ever see!

The Isle of Man TT is the main focus for the year, along with the Southern 100, again on the Island. Preparations are in full swing for the worlds most famous road race and Wayne will be on board with Kenny Cole for this years show!

Kenny has been along side Wayne at the Southern 100 before, and we know he can do the team proud around the island for both of these prestigious races. He has had much experience with another top ten rider and is familiar with what is expected of him to perform to this high standard for Real Racing.

TT 2015

TT 2015

For just £110 pounds, you could be a member of the exclusive '110 Club', this is Waynes  fastest average lap speed at the TT, so far!! You will be able to have your name or business name on our website, and received a '110 Club' members pack, to include....a mug, wrist band, a badge and a sticker. At the end of the season all members will be entered into a draw to win a Real Racing goodie bag, filled with team items as well as a few mementos from some of the teams racing experiences throughout the year.


You may think that £110 doesn't go very far, but accumulated, it adds up to be an invaluable sum of money which helps towards tyres, engine refreshments, consumables, spark plugs etc.....you know the score!!

All you need to do is BACS your £110 to the Real Racing account, email us for relevant information, give us your details, and we will send you your membership pack. Remember.....you cannot buy these items anywhere else or by any other means, so they are going to be highly sort after!!

email:- lyndalockey31@gmail.com

Remember to email your details, name, address, phone number and what name or business name you would like on the website. If you would like your business website to be linked from ours, and an advertising sticker on the outfit, you need to speak to the team manager, Lynda, as this is a different deal and requires a different payment sum, all of which is tax deductible!!

Plenty of spaces available, so tell your friends and neighbours about us and get Real Racing to the top!!

Your support is highly appreciated and, as a team, Real Racing will race to the highest standard possible and aim to get the best finishes in every race. We are, as voted by the TT scrutineers, the cleanest outfit on the grid, and our dedication to our racing is faultless.

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Team Manager............Lynda 07710542187


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