Not going to plan!!

Second practice and the weather is perfect again........... Out for another lap, all seems to be ok but then yet another set back....... engine decides to blow, piston 3 has packed up and another retirement during practice. Thats engine number 1 too so we're pretty gutted about that! Wayne , teddy and kenny work on the outfit the next day to change to the number 2 engine but we didnt quite make it out in time for the 3rd practice session!

31st May...............Practice.................. out with our #2 motor in. should be strong, holding up well through Glen Helen, over Ballaugh, heading down Sulby straight.............BANG!!!!

Thats the engine rodding itself, engine ruined. Nothing can be done about it, just pull over and sit tight until ACU pick the boys up! Not had this sort of bad luck for a long time!!

However....... The saddest news of the evening was that the very talented and experienced road racer, from the Island, Dan Kneen, had been tragically killed. A freak accident...... none of us could believe it! A huge shock around the paddock. RIP Dan.....thinking of all the family and friends.

To finish the night off on a sad note, an incident involing a course car and Steve Mercer, another very experienced racer, left Steve critically injured and flown to Aintree. We have heard that his condition is said to be stable. Sending our very best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

Not to put a finer point on it, but we're not having the best TT so far! We have to change to motor number 3 before the race but we've encountered some problems.The sandwich plate which the oil cooler connects to, is badly damaged from the blow out and so we have to find someone on the island to can make another peice to fit it! A trip into Ramsey, get it made, back to the paddock, fit it.......oil still leaks!!! ARRGHHHHH!!!!.. Race day tomorrow!

We go back and get another bit ground down and borrow a bit from Nigel Smith, but even with all the will in the world, we cant spot the problem for the oil leak! Race 1 is going to be going up for scruteneering soon and we're not ready, we cant race without the oil cooler on.... it could blow this engine too. Thats it.....I have to officially withdrawl us from Race 1. This has never happened to Wayne before....we're all really disspondant!! 

We watched from the Nook and after the start of the race it was, unfortunately red flagged, an incident involving Tony Baker and his passenger, daughter Fiona. Both were taken to hospital and are said to be recovering slowly. Get well soon both of you...... Wayne has you teeth Tony...OK?

Heads together........measuring everything down to the last tenth of a millimeter......we've found it! Back to Ramsey to see our chap one more time! Another piece made and it fits the cooler!!

Sorted............. Time for a few laps round Jurby testing and running the engine in before practice on wednesday. all ok........

Wednesday practice evening............... bit of a rush getting up to scrutinering..... had a change of gear box, which isnt a 5 minute job! Wayne and Kenny had to get into leathers and i was left on my own to get the outfit into parc ferme!! Im pretty strong but why havnt these machines got power steering?? Luckily, Paul Lusty, our friend from WMB, We Move Bikes, was on hand to help me, and Kenny got back just in time to push the outfit through. Its going to be tight......the time was ticking, the Birchalls had already gone off down Bray Hill......I really didnt think the official was going to let us out but we got up onto the start line just in time...... last off the grid......a little slipping incident leaves me with an injured wrist but i was just glad to see hem get out for practice!!

A good lap, the bike seemed to be running well, perfect conditions yet again.... 105. lap time, cut slighty short as they were sending the solos out off the pit lane, so the actual lap time was a little faster than that, last sector time was 109 at Cronk y Mona. Thats more like it!

Race 2

Finally, we have the chance of doing a full race and this would be end of a very stressful coupe of weeks........ They set off in position 16...... thats ok...... Not too much traffic around...... passing through each section and bring in some decent times. Lap 2 nearly done, we an hear them coming down govenours, out of the dip close to the pit lane wall!!!! The bike sounded sharp and a reasonable time coming round..........

Where are they at the Glen Helen sector???? They didnt go through.....what now!??? A marshall grabs us and informs us that they had to retire at Crosby!! A cracking place to stop if youre going to break down!! However...we needed to know what had happend so i phoned the pub and Wayne came on....... 'Whats happened now?' i said... 'the chassis has broken' Wayne replied..

We could not believe it!! The beautiful Ireson has had a real breakdown and decided to finish this TT in style!! Wayne believes there could of been an issue over the mountain section but by the time they got to Bray Hill on the last lap, he realised the outfit just wasnt handling right and his toes were pretty close to the floor.... too close for comfort!! Crosby was the best place to pull in and settle down to watch the senior race. Eventually, after a non productive phone call to get the recovery vehicle to collect them... it didnt...... Wayne and Kenny made it back to the paddock. Tired, fed up, but safe.

As for the outfit..... well she will be staying on the island to be mended by the capable hands of Moly and we'll collect her ready for the Southern 100 in July.

Lets hope we can have a more succesful race then and move forward from all the events of this years TT. It can only get better!!

Thoughts too for the family and friends of Adam Lyons, sadly killed during his time on the island. another young and talented racer taken too soon.... RIP

Many Many thanks go out to the marshalls, medics, scrutineers, organisers, security, office staff, timekeepers.....oh wow... sorry if ive forgotten any one.

Huge thanks to all our sponsors and friends who came and supported us, sorry we could get any further this year, well try again in 2019!! Hopefully the weather will be as fantastic for the Southern 100,. We have had wall to wall sunshine for 2 weeks.... its made it all so much more bearable and the Manx ice cream taste better!!

Huge 'THANK YOU' to Neil Jones @ Crovan Imaging for all of his help, support and supplying all the best action shots he could get of us for the time the boys were actually racing!!  

Thank you to Kenny for hopping on at short notice and the lovely Shirley for keeping us in stitches for the fortnight!

A memerable one for sure!!



First practice

All set up and ready for the off..... we've had a couple of days to do some preparations, fitted the new wheel arch...eventually! That was entertaining, as was the paint job...... hence we now have a plain arch until graphics go on! Wayne and Kenny have a bit of a rush round before scruteneering, fueling and tyres pressures, although we've had Teddy, Stu Castles, doing a grand job on the spanners and giving Wayne a hand with whatever needs doing. Paddock is running well....except for a little fire up the top!! OMG.....that was a bit of a scarey moment.... we belive it was an electric bike that ingnited on ingnition, but was contained within the teams lorry, no one hurt so thats the main thing!

With only a few minutes left to get through technical bay, Wayne and Kenny got themselves ready to go, but then Wayne noticed the beather pipe was missing, so Stu ran back to the awning to get it. In the mean time, the other outfits were heading off down Bray Hill and Wayne nd Kenny had to go from the back! After a super sweaty run back, the pipe was fitted and they were off!

Myself and Stu ran to the Nook where Wayne was going to pull in and ajust the chain, as we approached the Goveners roundabout, the first bikes go through....John Holden, Birchalls, Founds, Moly.....We got to the Nook where Tony, Sean and the others were waiting for us. Wayne hant gone through yet but it gave us a minute or two for a breather!

Here they come!!!! There they go!! WHATTTT!!!! Did they forget, no......Did they decide it was ok...No......Why then......

They were at the paddock, pulled in as Kennys visor had come off at Brandish and it woud not only be dangerous, but impossible to continue without it! Glad theyre both ok though, bike running very well, weather is dreamy but very nasty with midgies!! Mozzies are having a lovey evening supper of human legs!!

So with all the hassle in mind, they did a 95.82.....not the fastest but back ok and hopefully will make steady improvment tonight!

Stay Cool!! Updates to follow.......

Its been a long time coming!!! Sorry!

What can i say???? I have had, no, we have had, a year of ups and downs.....

From last years TT and Southern 100 we have had some fantastic finishes and some real low points, let me explain!

As usual, we arrived for the TT, positive and virtually prepared.... Wayne and Mark get set up, pick up the fuel, pretty much the standard routine that needs to happen to get ready for practice week.

The Manx weather can be a little temperamental at times, no more so this year! With limited practice sessions for all riders, they use what time they had and came in with some decent times, obviously saving the engines for the races but ensuring some good qualifying times.

As this year has flown by, my memory of every detail has elapsed, but i can give you race times and finishes, i hope thats ok!?

Race 1

lap time.....  1. 21.09.939  2. 20.44.321   3.  21.08.912

finish position...... 10th

Race 2

lap time....  1.  21.17.263   2.  20.44.172   3.  20.45.267

finish position..... 9th

A few bugs on the mountain!!  Practice night.                                                              photo by Neil Jones

A few bugs on the mountain!!  Practice night.                                                              photo by Neil Jones


So, still a fantastic couple of top ten finishes......however, a fueling problem left us feeling a little cheated of some better times. We had put everything into the engines that we thought would make a marked improvement with our times but it wasn't to be this year!!

A bitter sweet TT, but a safe journey home! 

The Southern 100 was Wayne and Marks highest finishes to date and some of their top performances too. Its an exciting circuit and its not everyones cup of tea, but the boys love it! As a spectator, you get to see some amazing racing from sidecars and those two wheel jobs... but both leave you with your stomach in your throat!!

Race Results

Race 6.......3rd place...... total time...16.10.409 ...      average speed... 94.599.... best time... 2,39.040...     best speed....  96.202 in lap 3.

Race 12..... 2nd Place...... total time.... 13.21.140 ...     average speed...  95.489  ...  best time... 2.38.391... best speed...  96.596 in lap 2.

Thats better!! To say we enjoyed the Southern 100 would be an understatement!! Two podium finishes, among some fine champions in their own right and racing hard, fast and enjoying every second......

Of course...... None of this would of been possible without the help and generosity of one Mr Horst Walczak!! A true legend.... He lent us his engine as he was unable to race this year, and through his kind and generous nature, he was a gentleman and loaned us his prized engine. We would not of had these finishes without him and we would like to say a huge THANK YOU...

We owe you a couple of pints then Horst!!?? You're a top bloke....... see you on the Island then eh???

We left the Island on a high and vowed to sort out the TT issues.... no further race plans had been sorted, but next season was looking to be promising for some top racing...... however, not to be......

Mark had decided to have a break from being a passenger, we were gutted!! Its not too far away from the TT and we have to sort out a new  passenger, get signatures for the mountain course license and prepare ourselves for change!!

Thank you Mark!! We're going to miss having you on board!    Photo by Mrs Bob

Thank you Mark!! We're going to miss having you on board!

Photo by Mrs Bob

Not a fun place to be and in reality, we were pushing it for time! Luckily we managed to borrow one Mr Kenny Cole, and experienced passenger and capable of getting some strong finishes. We have gained one of the final two signatures at Silverstone with BEMSEE, and the second one last weekend at Caldwell Park, again with BEMSEE. 

3 weeks left before Wayne leaves for the Island and we have most of the plans in place now, always a rush, lots of driving around picking up parts and visiting sponsors for that last late influx of cash for the necessary tyres and fuels etc.

I will keep on top of this blog now I'm up to date with it..... some new photos to be loaded on and don't forget to click the picture which will take you straight to Instagram for updates throughout the races!!

See you there!!!  




Not long now!!

Hi there, it's been a while since my last post, sorry about that, it's all been a bit manic, as it is this time of year!!  27th May is qualifying/practice for solos and sidecars on 29th. We have a lot of work to do for the preparation, unfortunately that has meant a lot of time off work to sort out testing and collecting parts. We have put everything into the outfit that could possibly be done for this years most famous race and with Wayne in the drivers seat and Mark passengering for the fourth season, the boys really have got a brilliant team and trusting bond. Its taken Wayne years to get to this level, with Mark by his side, they have come so far, doing brilliantly over the last four years and with them aiming for the best possible finish each time, they have proved they've earnt their place in the top 10!

Wayne will be arriving on the Island over the next couple of days and Mark and Sarah by the end of the week. I will be heading across the water as soon as i can and can't wait!

We hope to see as many of our friends, helpers, sponsors on the Island and hope that everyone taking part has a successful and safe race,.

A very clever and kind man who has been following us over the last few years, has kindly produced a fab video of last years TT shots.....thank you to Neil Jones at Crovan Images......We hope you enjoy!! 

On a somber note.... Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Nicky Hayden...RIP.

2017 Season Dates


  1. Brands Hatch Indy - 11/12th March
  2. Cadwell Park - 1/2nd April
  3. Silverstone international - 29/30th April
  4. Snetterton 300 - 20/21st May
  5. Donnington Park National - 17/18th June
  6. Brands Hatch GP - 15/16 July
  7. Oulton Park - 4/5th August
  8. Brands hatch Indy - 26/27th August
  9. Cadwell Park - 16/17th September
  10. Snetterton 300 - 7/8th October

Isle of Man TT

27th May - 9th June

1st Race - Saturday 3rd June

2nd Race - Friday 9th June

Southern 100

10th/11th/12th/13th  - July



2017 Season!! We're off!!

Here goes...... 2017......Bring it on!!

The winter has been busy, Wayne has had to totally gut the race van as the roof leaked and wrecked the internal walls, that was a massive job, but its back together now, even better than before! The bike has been sleeping, we've woken her a few time and let her have a roar. Still sounding beautiful!! Mark Sayers will be joining us for a forth season....very happy about that!! Great passenger and good mate!! Always fantastic to have Mark, Sarah, Stuey Bear and Pearl on board and hopefully the support of Reese at the TT again!??

The season will start this weekend, 10/11/12 March, at Brands hatch. Testing on the Friday, blowing away the cobwebs and getting back in the saddle!! We going to be taking on the mighty BEMSEE again as we have enjoyed their company for many races and they have a great choice of circuits for the season.

The Isle of Man, is of course, the main focus for the year, TT and Southern 100 are the road races both Wayne and Mark  share their passion for and we hope to have a safe and fast few races on the Island. The coach work on the bike has yet to be decided but I can guarantee a professional and outstanding outfit, both on and off the track!!

Those of you who I have not had chance to visit yet with regards to 'YOU KNOW WHAT'!! there is a good reason for this........I've torn the MCL ligament in my knee so cannot drive at the moment. In my lack of ability to get around, I have been busy writing letters to you all which you will receive this week, and I hope to hear back from you VERY soon?? (THANK YOU in advance!!)

The '110 Club' is back running for another season, new goodies for the prize bag this year and a fantastic opportunity to support the team without it costing a million quid!! Follow the link or give me a call, text or or

I've updated the fixture list so come and join us if you can make it....we love to see everyone!!

Race updates throughout the season and any other news, photos and silly stuff will be added as soon as I get it!! My details are on this site and most of you know Wayne's number, so keep in touch and if you have any questions, we'll try and answer them!

See you soon............



'110 CLUB' Grand Draw!!!

We will be heading to the Bike Show on the 26th November if anyone would like to join us, and while we are there, we will be doing the '110 Club' grand draw.!!! We had some keen and loyal members this season and there has been much interest for next year and we hope to at least double or treble the count for next season!! The goodie bag has mounted up and one lucky winner will be chosen out the box on the 26th. We may even try and get a 'superstar' to draw it!! 

Will it be your number????!!!!! It could be you!!!!

If you would like to come along to the show on that day, give Wayne or myself a call as we will be taking the big van and will have room for passengers!! 

Also, we would like to congratulate Horst and Andrew (shaggy) on their win of the EMRA championship!! We joined them, along with Horsts sister, Roxane, Jonny and Scott from Dirty Weekender and Horsts guest friend, on saturday evening at Sketchly Grange, Hinkley, for the awards evening! Big surprise to them!! So glad EMRA were able to fit us in at short notice, we had a fantastic night. It was also a very proud night for team Walczak, as they were awarded the 'Dongo' trophy by Jonny! An honour to win it and great to have it back in the Ireson family once again!!

Weldone, you deserve it!!

See you all soon, only 191 days to go!!! 






Last of the season....Brands Hatch

Taking the long trip down to the Kent circuit, Wayne and Mark embarked on their last race of the season at Brands Hatch with BMCRC. As former champions of the BMCRC sidecar F2's, Wayne and Mark knew most of the other teams and they knew the track well so were looking forward to a great, well run weekend, with some great racing ahead.

Stuart came down with Mark to lend a hand and enjoy the racing, first short circuit this year for him!! Qualifying was good, conditions fair and the team took on a first place position to lead race 1.

First race.........

Great start, mixed up with a couple of F1's and then the championship leaders came through to catch up with the boys. Wayne knew that he wouldn't take any points for a position finish as he didn't want to mess up any other teams chances of podiums and final places, they just went there to race and see what times they could pick up on. Even so, they finished 4th F2 and enjoyed a great race.

Race 2....

Another good start, a little held up in traffic and taking this one in their stride make sure the engine was strong enough to last for Sundays races. Finishing in 6th place in the F2 class, another sound race.

photo by Mike Yiend

photo by Mike Yiend

Sunday....Race 3

Fueled up and all set, awesome off the line and that set the pace for the whole race for the boys. Best race of the weekend so far, good time too....and a 1st place F2 to go home with! Lap time was 53.212...

Race 4....

Last race of the year....race to enjoy and see what times they can bring in. A good solid 2nd place and a slightly faster time with a 52.819 lap. 

photo by Mike Yiend

photo by Mike Yiend

Real Racing has had a good year, safe finishes, not quite the TT we had hoped for but we were lucky to come home safe and sound. Our thoughts still with Dwights family and friends and Ians nearest and dearest.

The British championship wasn't a success this year due to some problems with the engine regulations, but hopefully that's all sorted for the  coming seasons. We found it hard to keep changing engines with all the different meetings we had planned for the year so we pulled out half way through the championship so Wayne and Mark could concentrate on the road races and put all the effort and money into those engines. A decision not taken lightly but we had to let something go to release the funds elsewhere. 

Once again, thank you so much to all of our sponsors and supporters is impossible to race at this level without your loyal support and generous help. We thank you for the bottom of our boots!!

The '110 CLUB' had a slow but positive start and we are continuing to drum up members for next season, so make sure you check out the club info page, see who's in the most exclusive club in F2 racing and how to become a member!! 

The grand draw will take place during November, a date to be announced, but a great goodie bag on offer. Keep checking in to see who the lucky winner is!!

Massive thanks as always to Mark....our loyal and hard working passenger, friend and ace mechanic! Sarah, for all your hard work with the club, support and great suppers!! Stuey... for the best wheel cleaning ever!!! (and massive support!) Pearl..for always helping whenever your needed! were a diamond at the TT...Thank you..hope to have your help next year!?? 

Anyone else i should mention and havn't, consider yourself mentioned!!Ted, Doc, Jonny, Teddy, Kitty, John F, Les, Trevor, Steve, Keith, Liam, Horst, Jason and all the other talented , dudes and dudettes involved with Real Racing...............THANKYOU!!

Huge congratulations to Horst and Shaggy on they're success of winning the EMRA Championship this year....about time eh? Next the Southern Horst1??

To our Joe Newbold....Speedy recovery from your terrible injuries at the TT this year, your a talent waiting to be found...we believe in you.

Call in if your near to Moreton and have a cuppa or a beer....we love to see everyone one out of season too!!


Scarborough...Olivers Mount

Real Racing headed to the Northern based circuit for their last road race of the season. 

Practice went well and the weather was holding up as the boys qualified mid-pack. They was some tough competition and for a few teams, this is their local track so they've had alot more experience and time around here, however, Wayne and Marks determination makes up for what they lack in track experience. 

In race one, Wayne and Mark set off well and picked up good pace, heading to the front of the pack with the leaders. But the bike dug in at the top of the hill climb after the hairpin and went into a violent tank-slap movement, sending Mark hurtling across the tarmac in front of the outfit, with Wayne left fighting with the outfit to try and keep it under control as best as possible at 89mph!!.

Luckily, no one was injured, a few bruises for Mark, (and a shoulder repair was a bonus!!) and no major damage on the bike, just some cosmetic repairs. Wayne was unhurt too, a little grateful....and glad Mark slid out the way in time....even though he was in front of him during the race!!

Rain set in through the night and the next days racing was delayed. Sidecars out late and the team decided to go out for a re-fresher again and try and pull back some pride! Doing a fantastic job, they had a good race, steering clear of any trouble and enjoying the meeting once again....a solid 6th place finish. The day was running very late and Wayne decided that they wouldn't do the last race, but would save the engine for the last race of the season at Brands Hatch on the 8/9th October with BMCRC.

Once again, huge thanks to everyone who has supported the Team and follow us locally too.

Your support is invaluable! 

Mallory Park

Wayne  and Mark decided to have a day out with local club EMRA, based at the Liecestershire circuit on August 21st. We've had a few issues with engine changes in some of the other rounds and we needed to fine tune the outfit more than have the hassle of working till midnight every night trying to keep everyone else happy! 

The exhaust had been adjusted from the Southern 100 and the engine was still sweet so it was ideal time to see if we could make some progress with the lap times.

The weather held off and the track was as good as it could be, although it was windy, which made Gerards a bit of a challenge. Practice went well and the team decided that they wouldn't take any points from the races as the rest of the field were in the middle of their championship, so no matter where they came in the races it would be for timing benefit only. 

Off to a great start in the first race, Wayne and Mark holding the bike down well into the corners, despite the hard tyres, Mark was working the chair well! Picking up some good lap times and keeping the rest of the outfits behind, they decided to pull in just before the end of the last lap and let the next bike round. Lap time was pretty sharp...56.573, not bad as the team havn't done a race here for a couple of years!

Our friend, Anthony Van Looy, was a solo racer at the Southern 100 and had an unfortunate incident so couldn't complete the meeting, however, Mr Horst Walczak, another close friend and driver, was without a passenger for this meeting and Anthony bravely said he would like to offer his brain, i mean services for the day! He was new to passengering and found practice quiet unusual, challenging and hard work! But he stepped up to the mark for the first race and did a great job! Weldone Ant!!

Race 2 was a bit windier but the sun was still out and conditions still good. The Team went off at the back of the grid as they didn't complete first race, it didn't make much difference though as they were in the lead before they got to Edwinas! Trying their hardest, they threw the outfit into every corner with as much as they had got on the day. The chair wheel tyre was just about shot to bits by this point and coming down the home straight on the last lap, they managed a 56.505.

Photo by Mike Yeind

Photo by Mike Yeind

Brilliant day out, good results, good racing, lovely crowd. Weldone again to Anthony who finished his second race, and by all accounts was quite brave moving around the outfit a bit more towards the end of the day! I think Horst was pleased!!?? Or maybe it was wind!!?? Only joking my friend!1

Good to see Sarah and Mark, been a while since the Southern 100 and alot of work in between!

We are at Scarbourough next for the Gold Cup at Olivers Mount, but before that race, we are taking the outfit to our local show, Moreton Show. This is to show the bike, promote the Team and thank the sponsors, which as most of you realize, we cannot do it without them!

Please come down and see us and have a chat, we also have spaces left for the grand draw at the end of the season in the 110 Club.........

So come on.......join the club and get a Real Racing membership pack, entry to the exclusive draw at the end of the season comes free and there are some awesome gifts and collectables on offer!!!

See you all very soon......


Southern 100

Wayne headed off to the Island for the Teams second biggest road race of the season. After a hectic few weeks of driving around getting engines rebuilt and other jobs done to the outfit since the TT, he met up with Mark and Sarah on the ferry and they looked forward to getting going.

The weather forecast was changeable so first practice needed to count for qualifying. They boys had a good start and worked their way up through the pack for the first corner, up in the top 6 so they had a good field around them. Former TT winners and world champions were surrounding the team but they were not swayed, they pushed on through the bumpy back section and after 4 laps, came through to qualify in 5th place..

Race 1..............The team had a good start, although the race had been called a 'wet race' as they had a heavy shower during the day and some of the track still had water lying on it. Ballig was particularly damp but Wayne and Mark wern't put off, they had a couple of under gripping moments but held it together, as most of the other teams were having same issues. Unfortunately the race was red flagged at the start of lap 4 due to a passenger falling out, luckily he is ok and will mend, but the race result was called and the boys finished in 5th place. 

Photo by Robert Clift

Photo by Robert Clift

Race 2.............A perfect afternoon, sun was out, tarmac was warm and the grid looked awesome. Wayne and Mark had a good start, edging away from Moly towards the first corner, Wayne loves his starts and could see Moly struggled off the start line, however he soon caught up!! Coming round through Joeys and church bends, the boys were on good form and looking great too, keeping up with the top group and having a good race with all the times looking very close. The lap record was broken by the first 3 outfits in lap 6, 100.749 was the ultimate record achieved by Tim Reeves and Patrick Farrance,  closely followed by the Birchalls and then Holden/Winkle. Wayne and Mark came through at their best lap speed of 97.501 which led them to a fourth place finish. Happy with the result, needed an extra tooth on the gearing but that'll have to wait until next year!1

Photo by Robert Clift

Photo by Robert Clift

An excellent meeting, well run by the Southern 100 club, many thanks to all!! As always... massive thanks to all of our supporters and sponsors, we cannot do it without you!! 

We have decided to do a couple of Mallory Parks next along with the Scarborough Gold Cup. We hope that some of you can come and watch at these local meets and the only mainland road race left this year. We are also hoping to get the outfit on show at Moreton Show this year, i am waiting the office response and will post outcome soon.

Please keep spreading the word regarding the '110 Club', thanks to all have joined so far we hope you are enjoying being a part of the team. I have a couple of great videos to upload on here which i will do in due course, watch this space!!

Huge thanks to Mark, Sarah, John, Ted, and Neil.... Mr Video!!

Keep in touch on our face book page or email me for any info.


Joe Newbold Racing

Our good friend, fellow two wheel racer, and neighbour, suffered a heavy fall in his last race at this years TT. He had suffered numerous break downs and had changed engines in a last attempt at finishing his first TT!! He has had many fantastic finishes so far, MGP, Southern 100 and the Irish road races.

Joe Newbold

Joe Newbold

Joe has been transferred to Gloucester Hospital now and will be having surgery to repair his wrist and ankle. Hope all goes well for you buddy and we will see you in the week!!!

The bike is a right off, (yay!!) now you can look for something much better, like a Honda for instance!!!

You can post messages on Joe's face book page or leave him one on Real Racing page, either way, we'll get them to him!

Hope Jess, Josh and the boys can steer the chair for a couple of weeks, try not to crash into any bales!!!!!

Our love and best wishes.......All at Real Racing

From myself, I would like to send a massive 'thank you' to Sophie and Josh for taking care of the house, our georgous dog Jack, and the shy cat Bushy. You've been amazing!!!

To Nigel Smith and Jackie, for your hospitality on Saturday night , Thank you! We had a lovely evening! 

Friday race day

After a very misty start and a 3 hour delay the grid was ready and all outfits bracing themselves for Bray Hill. Wayne and Mark had felt quite positive about the outfit,  adjustments had been made for the conditions, new tyre/brakes and chain had been run in, they said the outfit was good to go but after a somewhat frustratingly hardwork lap for the boys, Wayne noticed a vibration coming through the bars and Mark felt something too through the chair wheel. As they approached Crosby on the second lap, the engine rodded itself and they had to pull in. The end on the second race and the finsh of the 17 start/finish record for Wayne! 

We are however, the lucky ones........very sadly, our friend and superbly professional driver, Ian Bell, passed away at an incident near Ballaspur. He was a genuinely good man and a great racer. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this devastating time. 

Ian and Carl Bell, Carl was unhurt.

Ian and Carl Bell, Carl was unhurt.

We would like to thank everyone, sponsors, both on and off the outfit, friends and family, for all of their support in enabling us to get to the TT this year and have a good result in race 1. We can now move forward with our knowledge for next years TT.

We return to the island for the Southern 100 in 3 weeks and have many jobs to get done on both engines and work at home, so, please keep in touch, pop round and see us or give us a call!!

Ive also been informed that the Racing website is playing up at the moment, so if you need to contact me regarding the '110' club' or on any other matter, could you please use ....

This will be active until the racing email address is up and running!

Great to see Teddy and Jen.......see you soon and don't forget you're always welcome.

Massive thanks to John F, first for your support and second for helping us get to the boys on the second race when they broke down and myself, Stuey and you went to find them!!! Luckily it was at a watering hole!!!!

Thank you again,  but a huge thank you to our team members......


You have made this a brilliant team this year, the atmosphere has been great, through good times and bad, we have gelled together. Myself and Bob are exceptionality grateful for all the hard work put into the whole TT fortnight.

Onwards and upwards!!!!!

Wednesday practice

Motor changed, fuel adjustment, new tyres, fresh chain, ready to take on the mountain.....

The outfit sounds awesome as she leaves the line, not pushing too hard yet but a good run to Glen Helen, ballaugh, Ramsey was up on speed, very good, and heading on towards the bungalow, down to the Cronk and back to grandstand. Sulby speed trap was pretty good at 138.65, and we had lap time of 107.943.

Feeling good for the race on Friday, a couple of free hours after cleaning and time to chill!!

Spot the difference!!!!

Spot the difference!!!!



Monday Practice

Wayne and the garage crew decided to change to the stock motor to see if there was any gain with different motor. They stared off really strong and the boys were hopeful of a better couple of laps, however, they got to Ballagarey campsite, 3 miles in and Wayne noticed the red light come on showing a problem so immediately shut off and pulled in. Oil leak from the 'o' ring at the back of the oil filter. It had popped out and dropped oil on the circuit but luckily no incident was caused, cement dust on it and they had to admit defeat on this occasion. 

They sat and watched the rest of the day's races/practices and managed to get back and return with the van to collect the outfit. It was a long day!!! 

Another engine change as that motor was not going anywhere now!! A late night and long day ahead to get ready for Wednesday practice.

Yes he is!!!!!

Yes he is!!!!!

Race Day!!

Beautiful day, Real Racing raring to go, startline called. All the outfits look stunning, great to see so many out there, some, unfortunately have mechanical issues so can't make this race but hope to see them next week on the grid.


Start line 2016

Start line 2016

Good luck boys!!👍🏻

Away they go, leaving on time, grid position 13 due to slightly down on lap times but it's only a number and we all know that Wayne and Mark are experienced enough to get up there!!  They seem to be going nice and strong, and the the news we all dread, a few flag out at Rhencullen.

Bad news......Dwight Beare and Benjamin Binns were in front of Wayne and Mark but something happened, we're not sure yet, and they crashed into the bank. Wayne and Mark came through the incident just as it happened and had a struggle to avoid hitting them. 

Benjamin (Binzy) has leg injuries and we wish him a speedy and full recovery.

Dwight sadly didn't make it and lost his life. There is never any justification saying he died doing something he loved, but he really did have immense passion and fire in his belly for the racing and he was one to watch out for. A gentle giant and a smile to remember forever. 

R.I.P Dwight

   The clerk of the course decides to re-start the race and we prepare for a safe but fast finish. Again....good luck boys.  lap 1.....  To glen helen in 5.15.005.... Balaugh in 3.47.673, steady to Ramsey in 3.58.535 and across the mountian, back down the start/finish line with a time of 109.071.  Lap 2...   Picked up pace to Glen Helen, 5.08.672, similar to Ballaugh from first lap and the rest of the sector times very close, a lap time of 109.824. Bray Hill on first lap was 154 mph, second lap was 138mph, we have a slight issue but will still push for another faster lap.  Lap 3....  To Glen Helen in 5.06.824, up again, up at Ballaugh and to Ramsey, 3.56.218. Similar pace to Bungalow and down 1 second to Cronk behind Ramsdens. But..... A lap time of 110.492!!  our second fastest time and a great 6th place finish....  Weldone to everyone, especially Wayne and Mark. Many thanks to Reese and Stuey for garage support.  We would also like to send our condolences to the family and friends of Paul Shoesmith who sadly passed away in practice. A very experience solo rider and a wonderful husband and father to his 4 children. R.I.P


The clerk of the course decides to re-start the race and we prepare for a safe but fast finish. Again....good luck boys.

lap 1.....

To glen helen in 5.15.005.... Balaugh in 3.47.673, steady to Ramsey in 3.58.535 and across the mountian, back down the start/finish line with a time of 109.071.

Lap 2... 

Picked up pace to Glen Helen, 5.08.672, similar to Ballaugh from first lap and the rest of the sector times very close, a lap time of 109.824. Bray Hill on first lap was 154 mph, second lap was 138mph, we have a slight issue but will still push for another faster lap.

Lap 3....

To Glen Helen in 5.06.824, up again, up at Ballaugh and to Ramsey, 3.56.218. Similar pace to Bungalow and down 1 second to Cronk behind Ramsdens. But..... A lap time of 110.492!!

our second fastest time and a great 6th place finish....

Weldone to everyone, especially Wayne and Mark. Many thanks to Reese and Stuey for garage support.

We would also like to send our condolences to the family and friends of Paul Shoesmith who sadly passed away in practice. A very experience solo rider and a wonderful husband and father to his 4 children. R.I.P