First practice, Monday 26th May

After a rainy couple of days, we finally managed to get out for practice. Very sunny evening which poses it's own problems for the riders. Low sun across much of the course meant that the team had to work extra hard concentrating on the roads. Wayne just needed to run the engine in and bed the tyres in, so kept it around the 12 thousand revs for the first lap, a quick stop at the Nook with Teddy to adjust the chain, then back out for a second lap at around 14 thousand revs. Mark settled in well and Wayne happy with the bike and first time out, rolling across the start/finish line with a time of 104.53. 

Bike number 29, Tony Thirkell and Nigel Barlow, had an incident at the end of Sulby straight and unfortunately passenger Nigel ended his practice session in Nobles with a broken ankle! Tony and bike ok. 

Weather permitting, back out tonight and give a bit more gas!!!!