Thursday 29th May

No practice on Wednesday due to an incident during the solo's session.

Sidecars out for first practice Thursday evening.

Rain Wednesday night left the roads through Glen Helen damp and a cloudy evening all over. We had been for a lap in the van in the afternoon to see where we could lose a few seconds, Mark and Wayne were keen to get out. Leaving on start line, they were timed as 2nd at Glen Helen behind Moly, and 3rd at Ramsey. As they approached Waterworks it was wet and from Guthries through to the Bungalow it was very wet, slow traffic in front and the spray from the outfit in front meant they're speed had dropped down as low as 50/60 mph. This wrecked they're lap being one of the fastest to date, but they still managed a 104.069, lap time of 21.45.166.

Wayne wanted to keep the engine fresh so they only did the one lap. After a short delay at Quaterbridge, due to a medical emergency with a spectator, some of the remaining sidecars went out for a second lap.

Weather good for Fridays practice and they are due to be first out again.