Snetterton Report

Saturday morning qualifying saw Wayne and Mark as fisrt F2, and in race 1, continued to take the lead and finished in the the number one postion for the f2's.  Race 2, on dry track, with the duo on a high from the first win, they were determined to continue the pace and it paid off to take another win! 

Sundays weather held off despite the report of rain, and a good start, leading for the first 2 corners, until the powerful F1's crept up on them, and took the overall lead. However, as the leading F2, they continued to push as hard as they could, as it seemed all the teams were doing on sunday, and despite a hard battle with the second place team, Wayne and Mark managed to fight till the end of the race to take the win.

Race 4 and they gassed it from the start, knowing that the other close, challenging teams would try to stop the quadruple win! They had made a few adjustments to the gearing and set a stratergy to enable them to hold off the competition and it made it all worth while as they took 'WIN 4' of the weekend! Bettering they're times by almost a second!

Mark worked so well in only they're second meet together, and proves that, as a team, Wayne and Mark have a winning formula!

Pretty sure that 4 out of 4 aint bad!! See you at Silverstone!