Cadwell Park report

Saturday qualifying

Wayne had a new engine to run in as it had been refreshed after the TT by Kieth Whiting, so they took it steady and ended the session in 12th overall.

1st race

This was a wet race, which was good for the engine but difficult to see ahead as the boys were middle of the pack! (Check out the pictures on Racingline photography!)  They steadily picked their way through the field ending up with a respectable 3rd.

2nd race

Got away well, a great start which, in turn, led to a great race with Shaun Reeves, but ended up handing him the lead on the last lap by running wide at the bottom of the mountain. :( Front tyre overheating? Or maybe it was just a driver error!! Sorry Mark!! Finish 2nd despite a bit of a hic-up!!

Sunday 1st race

Wayne thought they might make a couple of suspension changes to try and stop the front end pushing on, then adjusted the gearing, just to see if an improvement could be made. Really warm out there and ready to get off the start. Making a good get away, and keeping the race on track,  until, unfortunately, made another silly mistake at the bottom of the mountain again and the number 35 outfit of reeves didn't need another invite, so they took full advantage and went on to win the race. Mark, you are allowed to give your driver a drifter if he does it again!! That's permission from mrs bob!!!

2nd race

This was it! The last chance for a win!! A race long battle with number 35 ensued and after a bit of a coming together at Hall Bends. Number 35 got in front but the boys out breaked them at the end of the back straight to take back the lead and go on to win the final sidecar battle!! It was a hard fought race and a well earn't win. Thanks Mark and all the team!

Brands Hatch GP circuit next,  if any sponsors or followers would like to go, please phone or email and I'll try and get a ticket sorted!!