Mallory Park testing

We had a little trip into Leicestershire today to do a bit of testing. EMRA had their first round and it was an ideal opportunity to check out a couple of changes to the outfit. A very cold start to the practice and qualifying, Started 2nd on the grid in the first race, badly worn tyres still on from last year so spun up a bit on start line, had a great battle with the Louthers, Crawford went off for the lead, having a good few fast laps, taking fastest lap in this race, getting into the 56's was a good result and a third place finish. Race 2 wouldn't be run for us as the tyres weren't up to it so we loaded up and came home! 

A good day though, usual Mallory cold wind for this time of year! Thanks to all at EMRA for a well run meet. Nice to see everyone and smell the fuel and hear the noise!! It's been a long winter!!

Next meet out will be Scarbourough 11/12 April! Again, bit of testing to be done but it'll be great to do a road before the start of the British Championship!

See you soon, keep in touch! 🏁😀

By Derek