Race one

Anticipation was at its highest when the announcement come over the speaker that there had been a serious incident at Ballacrae and there would be a delay of about 3 hours to the race. Mark is now feeling 'like brand new' and Wayne just want to get on the noise!! 

Outfits to the start line, up on Glenclutchery Road, they all look stunning! Nerves are kicking in but everyone is excited, Bray Hill awaits!

The leaders are off....Moly, Conrad, Holden, Birchalls...Wayne and Mark are leaving in 9th place and as they're set under the arch on the startline, Marks leans over the back to get some all important grip in the rear wheel....and they're off!!!! 

Heading off down Bray Hill with the devil snapping at their heels, Glen Helen is the first sector time with 05.15.455 then to Ballaugh to get some air under the wheels.... 3.46.703. All steady for the first lap, bedding in tyres and making sure the everything is smooth. At Ramsey in 03.59.765 and then to the mountain, some wind but not too bad, however, Wayne is finding the gear shifting hard on his arms...and with the wind it can tire you. But it doesn't stop him pushing as hard as he can down Cronk ny Mona and across Grandsatand for a lap of 108.862.

Lap 2. The flying lap. There seems to be a slight hold in top with the engine, almost like its holding back and they can't get to it, lack of air, or something that isn't quite right, but the speeds in some sections are up on last year so it's strange. Wayne pulls 3seconds up to Glen Helen and is picking up and dropping seconds all through the course,. Sulby is not fast enough but other sections are improved...pulling time up down the Cronk back to Grandstand for a lap time of 109.018. 

Lap 3. Give it all you can....Wayne's not so happy with how hard it's feeling, Marks good, could probably do another 3 laps!!!! Just losing fractions of a second from Rob Hancock and just in front of Tony Baker and Steve Ramsden, they head off from Ramsey, up to the mountain section for the last time this race....picking up to the Bungalow at 03.53.323 and down the Cronk, losing a fraction to cross back down the start/finish with a time of 108.983.

Theyre back in safe, tired, but a solid 10th place and a good performance, a little bit frustrating but we will make adjustments and be back for next race on Wednesday! Many thanks to everyone who has helped us....it's invaluable!

see you for race 2....... If I'm slow updating its because the Internet connection keeps disappearing! This is my 4th attempt so bear with me!!!!