Happy New Year!!

Its been a long winter... where's the snow?? Hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas and the new year rolled in with fresh ideas and enormous plans!! Sorry I'm late updating the blog, (Horst!) Bob's been really busy sorting the outfit out, getting the van up to scratch and making lots of trips all over the country for various bike bits! Mark and Sarah have been busy too, sorting out their new wheels and new team ideas. We've finally got our plans for this season sorted.......

The FSRA British Championship

The Isle of Man TT

The Southern 100

Possibly a couple of Olivers Mount, Scarborough.

All dates are subject to our circumstance,s and funds permitting, we will endeavour to complete all of these races to the best of our ability, (that, of course goes without saying!!)  the progress of the outfit and health and temper of the team members!!

As always, Real Racing is 100% committed and  professional in every aspect of our performance and we welcome any of our sponsors to come to visit us, both at home or at a circuit. We can provide a couple of tickets to various short circuit meeting this year and would be honoured to have the support!

We have ideas in the pipeline for a new promotional plan, so watch this space....I will update over the next few weeks with the finished product!!

In the mean time.....if there is anyone out there who is keen to advertise or would just like to help out and throw all their money at us......we're ready and waiting!! Just give me or Bob a call, email or face book the team and Sarah will pass it on. (Sarah deals with face book page!)  

For now, its all go in the workshop and we're looking forward to the first race!! It will be awesome to get back on the noise and we cant wait to get back to the Island, not long now!! (116 days!!)

.................bye for now................