Donnington Park... BEMSEE round

Will be great to blow the cob webs away, and we had a test day booked with BEMSEE so we met up with Mark and Sarah on the Friday and went out at lunchtime to see how we settled back into things.

Last years old cold tyres, bit of rain, nothing new there then, but great to be back on track!! We've also fitted a brand new Abbtec Exhaust, WOW!!!! What a noise!! All good, next 2 sessions were dry and we really had fun.

Saturday...1st race

Got off to a good start........ then red flag was out....massive crash on start line, lucky to get out of the way of it all, hope all ok. Round for the re-start, unfortunately red flagged again shortly after, but all ok. Race 1 abandoned due to the incidents, we wish everyone well.

Race 2

Second and only race on Saturday, off to a great start, held up a little bit with traffic, cold tyres etc. (it took 4 laps to warm them up!) Front runners going well and, for a change, we could still see them! Not far off either! Finished a not too bad 4th for first race out this year, could of done with a few more laps!

Photo by Mike Yiend

Photo by Mike Yiend

Sunday...Race 1

Exhaust set in happy noise mode and 3 year old inters on, we were off from 2nd row so we could keep Lee Crawford in sight, which isn't easy as he's riding blooming well! Founds made an attempt to out brake us for 2nd place at Melbourne Loop but he out braked himself as well and Real Racing went on to win 2nd place!! Happy Days!!

2nd Race

Started of front row next to Lee but this time we were on the right tyres, even though they were a year old from the start of last years FSRA meets!! Apart from a close run with Lee until the end of the 1st lap then he was gone!! Had a couple of lonely laps then until Founds crept up on us and after we'd changed places a couple of times, he got away from us but we still managed to hold onto 3rd place after an gaggle of back markers were in front so it slowed us up a bit.

Photo by Derek Donsworth

Photo by Derek Donsworth

Great week end, thanks to Mike and BEMSEE gang, another well run weekend!

Good to be back in the seat with Mark by the side, great team work!!

Looking forward to Oulton Park this weekend. We have 3 spare tickets if anyone would like to come along on Saturday. Phone Lynda on 07710542187.

Also, please pass on the details for the exclusive '110 CLUB'

Club link next to blog page on home page. We need as many members as possible and the goodie bag for the end of year draw is going to be a fantastic prize for someone!!