Friday race day

After a very misty start and a 3 hour delay the grid was ready and all outfits bracing themselves for Bray Hill. Wayne and Mark had felt quite positive about the outfit,  adjustments had been made for the conditions, new tyre/brakes and chain had been run in, they said the outfit was good to go but after a somewhat frustratingly hardwork lap for the boys, Wayne noticed a vibration coming through the bars and Mark felt something too through the chair wheel. As they approached Crosby on the second lap, the engine rodded itself and they had to pull in. The end on the second race and the finsh of the 17 start/finish record for Wayne! 

We are however, the lucky ones........very sadly, our friend and superbly professional driver, Ian Bell, passed away at an incident near Ballaspur. He was a genuinely good man and a great racer. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this devastating time. 

Ian and Carl Bell, Carl was unhurt.

Ian and Carl Bell, Carl was unhurt.

We would like to thank everyone, sponsors, both on and off the outfit, friends and family, for all of their support in enabling us to get to the TT this year and have a good result in race 1. We can now move forward with our knowledge for next years TT.

We return to the island for the Southern 100 in 3 weeks and have many jobs to get done on both engines and work at home, so, please keep in touch, pop round and see us or give us a call!!

Ive also been informed that the Racing website is playing up at the moment, so if you need to contact me regarding the '110' club' or on any other matter, could you please use ....

This will be active until the racing email address is up and running!

Great to see Teddy and Jen.......see you soon and don't forget you're always welcome.

Massive thanks to John F, first for your support and second for helping us get to the boys on the second race when they broke down and myself, Stuey and you went to find them!!! Luckily it was at a watering hole!!!!

Thank you again,  but a huge thank you to our team members......


You have made this a brilliant team this year, the atmosphere has been great, through good times and bad, we have gelled together. Myself and Bob are exceptionality grateful for all the hard work put into the whole TT fortnight.

Onwards and upwards!!!!!