Wednesday practice

Another perfect night, the wind is up a bit across the mountain section but it's clear all around the course. Wayne and Mark have made a couple of adjustments to the suspension and it seems to be making the ride a lot more settled for both of them. They picked up speed on most of the sector times, only held up at one point but first lap time of 108.07 then out for a second lap.

Lap 2 saw the boys improving yet again on the sector times, they were on for a 110 lap but the 25 mph wind was driving straight at them so Wayne had to drop her down a couple of gears and push hard across the mountain, coming down towards the nook and back along the start /finish line for a great lap time of 109.81. Good, steady progress for the boys and we're looking forward to Thursday night. 

Photo by Mike Yiend

Photo by Mike Yiend


Engine change today so we need to run this one in for first lap and go easy on second lap. No problems, just bedding in both race engines.

If anyone wants to call down to the paddock and see us for a cuppa and a chat we would love to see you....

Thanks for everyone's help and support.