Southern 100

Wayne headed off to the Island for the Teams second biggest road race of the season. After a hectic few weeks of driving around getting engines rebuilt and other jobs done to the outfit since the TT, he met up with Mark and Sarah on the ferry and they looked forward to getting going.

The weather forecast was changeable so first practice needed to count for qualifying. They boys had a good start and worked their way up through the pack for the first corner, up in the top 6 so they had a good field around them. Former TT winners and world champions were surrounding the team but they were not swayed, they pushed on through the bumpy back section and after 4 laps, came through to qualify in 5th place..

Race 1..............The team had a good start, although the race had been called a 'wet race' as they had a heavy shower during the day and some of the track still had water lying on it. Ballig was particularly damp but Wayne and Mark wern't put off, they had a couple of under gripping moments but held it together, as most of the other teams were having same issues. Unfortunately the race was red flagged at the start of lap 4 due to a passenger falling out, luckily he is ok and will mend, but the race result was called and the boys finished in 5th place. 

Photo by Robert Clift

Photo by Robert Clift

Race 2.............A perfect afternoon, sun was out, tarmac was warm and the grid looked awesome. Wayne and Mark had a good start, edging away from Moly towards the first corner, Wayne loves his starts and could see Moly struggled off the start line, however he soon caught up!! Coming round through Joeys and church bends, the boys were on good form and looking great too, keeping up with the top group and having a good race with all the times looking very close. The lap record was broken by the first 3 outfits in lap 6, 100.749 was the ultimate record achieved by Tim Reeves and Patrick Farrance,  closely followed by the Birchalls and then Holden/Winkle. Wayne and Mark came through at their best lap speed of 97.501 which led them to a fourth place finish. Happy with the result, needed an extra tooth on the gearing but that'll have to wait until next year!1

Photo by Robert Clift

Photo by Robert Clift

An excellent meeting, well run by the Southern 100 club, many thanks to all!! As always... massive thanks to all of our supporters and sponsors, we cannot do it without you!! 

We have decided to do a couple of Mallory Parks next along with the Scarborough Gold Cup. We hope that some of you can come and watch at these local meets and the only mainland road race left this year. We are also hoping to get the outfit on show at Moreton Show this year, i am waiting the office response and will post outcome soon.

Please keep spreading the word regarding the '110 Club', thanks to all have joined so far we hope you are enjoying being a part of the team. I have a couple of great videos to upload on here which i will do in due course, watch this space!!

Huge thanks to Mark, Sarah, John, Ted, and Neil.... Mr Video!!

Keep in touch on our face book page or email me for any info.