First practice

All set up and ready for the off..... we've had a couple of days to do some preparations, fitted the new wheel arch...eventually! That was entertaining, as was the paint job...... hence we now have a plain arch until graphics go on! Wayne and Kenny have a bit of a rush round before scruteneering, fueling and tyres pressures, although we've had Teddy, Stu Castles, doing a grand job on the spanners and giving Wayne a hand with whatever needs doing. Paddock is running well....except for a little fire up the top!! OMG.....that was a bit of a scarey moment.... we belive it was an electric bike that ingnited on ingnition, but was contained within the teams lorry, no one hurt so thats the main thing!

With only a few minutes left to get through technical bay, Wayne and Kenny got themselves ready to go, but then Wayne noticed the beather pipe was missing, so Stu ran back to the awning to get it. In the mean time, the other outfits were heading off down Bray Hill and Wayne nd Kenny had to go from the back! After a super sweaty run back, the pipe was fitted and they were off!

Myself and Stu ran to the Nook where Wayne was going to pull in and ajust the chain, as we approached the Goveners roundabout, the first bikes go through....John Holden, Birchalls, Founds, Moly.....We got to the Nook where Tony, Sean and the others were waiting for us. Wayne hant gone through yet but it gave us a minute or two for a breather!

Here they come!!!! There they go!! WHATTTT!!!! Did they forget, no......Did they decide it was ok...No......Why then......

They were at the paddock, pulled in as Kennys visor had come off at Brandish and it woud not only be dangerous, but impossible to continue without it! Glad theyre both ok though, bike running very well, weather is dreamy but very nasty with midgies!! Mozzies are having a lovey evening supper of human legs!!

So with all the hassle in mind, they did a 95.82.....not the fastest but back ok and hopefully will make steady improvment tonight!

Stay Cool!! Updates to follow.......