Sidecar bonanza report

Well, nearly the end of the season, the championship is ours, but another good race would be perfect to finish the year off. The bike seemed to be running smooth, however, an underlying problem was lurking!! Wayne and Mark qualified 2nd behind Conrad, this years TT winner! Everything was looking good, straight into 56's, with the weather being near perfect and the crowds waiting excitedly, they set off for the first race.

They led for the first few laps, even Conrad tried slip-streaming Wayne, but to no avail! The team was on a mission! Creeping up on the back markers, pushing as hard as they could on barely useable tyres, they came out edwina's and got held up giving Conrad the invitation to sneak up the inside and take the lead! :(  Two other outfits follow suit and this left the boys in 4th place, but we then noticed they didn't seem to be pulling up through the crowds again, even down the straight where they had previously had good speed. 

As they came out of Gerard's on the last lap, we notice them slow up and it was clear the race was over for Real Racing. Back in the paddock, Wayne and Mark started to check the bike over and realised that it was getting hot and had fuel issues again. 

Welldone Conrad on a successful season and another great win!

The taxi rides were out next and Wayne didn't want to let anyone down, so he topped up the fluids and checked the data to make sure the engine wasn't at risk, and went out for a handful of laps as a taxi! Great to see Jonny out there enjoying the buzz again, Carl seemed to hang on well and even got an extra lap in as Wayne wasn't sure where to pull in, and I don't think he managed to scare Gaz either!! Ha ha!!  £1200 was raised for local charities in Leicestershire that day! Amazing work in less than an hour, weldone everyone involved!

Although the racing was finished for Wayne and Mark, the rest of the crews had a fantastic few more races, the weather was brilliant, the crowds were all around the circuit and the organisers put on a fantastic weekend. Hopefully more outfits will make a show next year.

We didn't manage to get to Brands Hatch (the last meet) due to the fuelling problems and lack of tyres, however, we have won the BMCRC championship for the second year running, with a meet to go and still enough points in the bag.

The fire is in the belly for next year....... We hope we have your support and thank you for all your help this year!

We will keep the blog going throughout the winter and keep everyone up to date with all bike issues, testing and future dates. 

If you want to come and have chat with Wayne about the bike, sponsoring or just to have a look at the outfit,  just get in touch via the email address or call me for details!

Happy Days!!!