2015.... Plans for this season

Happy New Year!!

Welcome back!! Hope everyone had a good Christmas and a Merry new year! 

Well..... Whats the plan for 2015??!! 

We've had to have a long think about this one as we're always worried that the funds aren't going to stretch, or even be in the account to cover any of the years finances, but...... Here it is....

The British F2 Championship, the Isle of Man TT, the Southern 100 and possibly Scarbourough!

There..... I've said it now! No going back now!! Just hope that we have enough sponsors and supporters to help us achieve these ambitions.

With Wayne in the drivers seat and Mark back in the chair, we hope to have some outstanding racing and we will, as always, aim to achieve the best possible results, for the Team, our supporters, the sponsors and the fans of sidecar racing! 

We still will be coming round to see everyone and keep you all updated on our progress, both locally and through this blog, but in the mean time, if you need to contact us to give us all your money, just call the manager or email the team!!!

Many thanks for all the support and keep following, we love to hear from you all and hope you can come and watch us too. Don't forget, we can get the odd ticket or two for sponsors, supporters, and friends, just ask!

Team tee-shirts and hoodies available, calendars, photos and stickers. ALL proceeds go back in the bike, email for more details.