Silverstone International report

Arrived Friday evening, lovely circuit, great set up, all the bikes garaged. 

Went out Saturday morning for qualifying, we did a 1 min 19.663, for a 3rd F2 and 8th overall. Never seen or raced on the international circuit before and a lot of the other teams had been there for Friday test/practice day, so all in all a good start. Track was a bit greasy so took it steady for first few laps until we got settled in. 

Race 1

Good start, was 3rd place into first bend from 4th row and settled down, stayed out of trouble, finishing 3rd for a good first race.

Race 2

Steady start, had a good dice with the F1 outfit of Kev Cable. Was a good safe ride and had a respectable 3rd place to end the day.

Sunday and race 3

Started on row 4 on the outside and got away well, everyone on the noise today! Got down into 1.16's, should be in 1.15's except very windy along back straight, all against you. Started in 9th place overall and finished in 7th overall with with an F2 finish of 2nd place.

Race 4

Again, row 4, good start, pushed our way up the front and everyone else was gunning for it now! Running as smooth as we could, keeping a consistent pace and getting in the 1.15's. Had a couple of back markers just in the power on places so made it a bit tricky to pass and challenge for the win. However, a great result, 2nd place, and a safe, steady race. 

We had a brilliant weekend, thanks to Mark for doing his job so well, and for Lynda (the wife) Sarah (Marks partner), Stu (Marks dad) and Louisa, (our little princess!) for all working so well together as a team. 

Great to see Clive and Carl. Glad you could make it, hope you enjoyed your day!

See you all at the 2014 TT!!