Wayne's journey, TT update

Wayne arrived Wednesday morning on the Island, safe and sound, less can be said for the caravan which had a difference of opinion with the ferry, the ferry won! (Sorry Carl!) Anyway, the bike is fine!!!! 

Arrived in the paddock and set to making camp! With the garage awning up and Wayne settled in, time to get the bike ready. Teddy's been helping with the meticulous cleaning process and the two of them have started prepping the engine ready to load it into the frame. (Teddy, friend and chief in the paddock workshop of Real Racing!)

Mark, passenger, and Sarah Wells, the mrs, arrive tomorrow. First practice is on Saturday. 

The Echo did a write up last night about the Silverstone result and there will be a spread for the TT preview  in tomorrow's echo. (23rd May) (Many thanks Mike Yeind, international journalist to the stars!) 

The passenger in the picture is clearly not the regular one, but another lap would be good!!!

Buy the paper and keep checking in, I'll be updating on a regular basis.

Bring on Bray Hill!!!!!