Saturday 31st May

Here we go!

Perfect conditions, bike in mint condition and Wayne and Mark on good form. Start time was 2pm and it was all running fairly well to plan, a 2 minute delay and then the boys were off down Bray Hill.

Lap 1........ 05.14.989 to Glen Helen, bedding the bike in on the first lap, they had a good run up to Ramsey,  clear skies up on the mountain gave them a great run across to the Bungalow and then the decent to the Cronk ny Mona, crossing the Grandstand with a lap time of 20.47.89 and speed of 108.845.

Lap 2...... Same time to Glen Helen, would of been faster but an incident, involving the Birchalls, meant they had to slow up to pass. The Birchalls had ended their race, so now the leaders were Moly, Conrad, John, Tim and the Bells. Through to Ramsey from Balluagh with a time of 03.54.522 and on to the mountain. 8 seconds up on the last lap, 20.39.68 with a 109.567 lap speed.

Lap 3...... Moly crossed the grandstand with an engine misfiring and had to retire, leaving Conrad in the lead. Wayne and Mark trying for a flying lap now, up 6 seconds to Glen Helen, less fuel, less weight, more speed! Conditions still good, working well together. We could hear the coming down from Governors dip and the checkered flag was out!!!

Plenty of screaming and jumping around from the team, the boys came into pit lane return, dripping wet, swollen and elated! They didn't realise at that point that they had finished in 6th position and done a lap speed of 110.334, the best for both of them!! 

For the 110 lap, they both have to have their heads shaved! If you are on face book, check out Sarah Wells, Marks partner, and there are details regarding raising money for charity for having their heads shaved. This will take place after Wednesday's race, just in case Marks helmet doesn't fit properly!! 

With an average lap speed of 109.579, and a race time of 01:01:58:646, the team takes a silver replica and an awesome first race result. A huge well done  to Conrad and Mike on their first win! So pleased for you both. Congrats to John for 2nd and Tim for 3rd. All good results.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped make this possible. Thank you to Paula for your help during the race and we'll stock up on fairy dust for Brian in 2015!!!

No racing on Sunday, there is a parade lap in memory of Evesham's Simon Andrews to which huge numbers attended. 

Working on the bike to prep it for Mondays practice, hopefully the boys can bring home another great result on Wednesday. Just hoping the rain stays away!!