Monday 2nd June

Out for practice at 4pm, a little bit late due to an incident at Balluagh, where sadly, Stroud man Bob Price lost his life. Very sad. Condolences from us all at Real Racing.

Wayne had changed the engine due the the fact the gear box wasn't quite as responsive as he'd of liked, so to refrain from over revving the engine and damaging it, he decided to change motors. However, this engine is running a treat, according to data and they are both happy with the practice lap. 105.12, just to run the engine in! A couple of tweeks here and there but generally all good for Tuesdays practice/qualifying lap.

Monday evening, awards at the Villa!! A very proud moment for all of us on the team. Thanks to Ted and Doc for managing to come down too. Hope you enjoyed the night! Seeing Wayne and Mark collect their silver replica was a fantastic moment and hope to have another good race on Wednesday!