Race 2

The conditions were perfect all around the course... Dry, warm and still. The outfit had been checked and double checked!! Wayne had a spot of physio on his arms to free the muscles up a bit and Mark had rested up.

It was a bit of a rush to get up to scutineering and before we knew it the call had come for all outfits to the start line! Leathers on, lids, and energy drinks ready, they were all set for the off. 

Leaders away, Bray hill beckoned. They felt good, in tune with the bike, at one with the course as they focused on the end of the start/finish straight..... They're off....

Glen Helen in 05.13.326, the to Ballaugh, up at 03.43.171, looking good. This is a great standing start time, Sarah and I watch the sector times come through in pit return so it an anxious time, waiting for the next sector time to come in. We're not dissapointed! Ramsey and on to bungalow in 03.55.006 and back down to grandstand for a lap time of 109.390. Awesome!

Lap 2.... Things are looking set for a flyer. 05.10.909 to Glen Helen, that's 3 seconds better than lap one. Then there's a change... A 5 second gain at Ballaugh and another at Ramsey. There's a problem... We weren't to know till later but they had smashed 6th gear at the bottom of Baggarrow. The rest of the race would be ran in 5th, if they were able to finish....

The last section saw them come past with a lap time of 108.897, still fantastic, but down on time. Last lap proved to be a hard one, oil cooler leaking a bit, fairing battling areo dynamics and no 6th gear... They were doing well to hold this lap together. But even though times were down, the boys brought it home with a lap time of 107.087, securing a fantastic 7th place and another top ten win!!!

Thanks aren't enough for everyone who's helped get us this far, we need and appriciate all your help, from sponsors to photographers to everyone in camp.

We hope that Jake Louther makes a speedy recovery after taking a tumble at Handleys!

Get well soon to Tony and Del Boy.....

We will see you at Castle Coombe then back on the island for the Southern 100.