Castle Combe

With the TT a distant memory... We re focused on the next British round at one of our local circuits. Just an hour from home, Wayne got there and met up with Mark, Sarah and Roy...(Stuey!)

Standard engine back in and, after the appalling performance of the new fairing at the TT, we decided that the old one would be safer, even though it's looking very tired! (A new and much improved fairing is to be made in August...we hope!) The work that Wayne has had to do to get the outfit ready for this meeting has been extensive and we were hoping for some great times.

Qualifying on Saturday morning didn't produce any record breaking times and they ended practice with a lap time of 1.19.75 which put them in 12th place. Both Wayne and Mark felt the bike was pulling well into and out of the corners, yet it was still slacking on the straights. The race itself was going pretty well, good weather and a decent start, the top end power still struggling...lap time of 1.18.99 and a finish position of 11th. 

Race 2 on Sunday was set to have the same feel about it. Although the bike was spinning up too which Wayne realised that the rear tyre was so hard that it was impossible to get any heat into it, it had been used for the TT so had come to the end of its track time! An outfit scraped the bales at the chicane which saw a yellow being which point Wayne and Mark were over taken by Ramsden...not a move that should of happened...but went unnoticed by marshalls so race finished and the boys were placed 13th with lap time of 1.18.77.

Over all, a dissapointing weekend. There are some issues with the power, the tyres, and air intake. The Southern 100 is just one week away and Wayne will be in the workshop, driving country wide to deliver and collect parts, engine etc. We need to sort out the problems and start progressing to rekindle the confidence that has been knocked just recently! 

Thanks to Derek and Mike....

Huge thanks to Unit 56...... Please check out their website....WOW!!! Some awesome machines!!!!!

See you all at the Southern 100......rain rain go away!!!!

Photo by Derek C Donsworth 

Photo by Derek C Donsworth