TT 2015.... The journey begins!

Wednesday 27th May

Wayne arrived on the Island after a clear run up the motorway and a mill pond crossing! All good, Teddy helped set up camp, though they were missing the garage until later in the week. The weather want too bad but it wasn't going to last as they had forcast rain and high winds. A few laps in the van and a couple of folks to call in and see passed the time until Mark and Sarah, and Stu and Pearl arrived on Friday morning with the garage awning, so now work could begin on the preparation for the practice on Saturday.

Saturday 30th May

As promised, the weather had changed, Wayne hadn't even zipped his leathers up and the 'ping pong' of the speaker went.....bad conditions coming in and there would be no practice for the rest of the evenings. The newcomers had done one lap but the others will have to wait!

Monday 1st June

Horrendous wind and rain had ruined a lot of the awnings in the paddock and the mess was getting worse with the mud everywhere, luckily, our camp managed to escape damage. Practice was cancelled again. Lynda and Louisa had in interesting flight in from Staverton and was very glad to be on land, even though it wasn't very dry! 

Tuesday 2nd 

Yet more disappointment due to wet and windy on the mountain and a spillage on circuit, cancelled session! However, they had managed to get a few laps in at Jurby to do the necessary checks earlier in the day. All good.

Wednesday 3rd June

Yay!!! Sunshine!!!! All looking good for tonight's session, drivers and passengers chomping at the bit to get out! Seeded number 9, Wayne and Mark had a clear run to start.... To Glen Helen in 05.52.040, just going steady, bedding in engine, tyres and breaks.  Not too fast anywhere due to strong winds on the mountain but a fine performance on the Grandstand speed time...3rd fastest behind Holden and the Birchalls. A recorded speed of 130.66. Lap 2 and an improved speed, but poor light now and still windy, the boys brought a time home of 102..7469. 

Weather conditions for tonight practice is looking superb so undoubtedly there will a marked improvement on the speed as they can concentrate on a couple of flying laps. 

More to follow later......

Huge thanks to John Fisher! 😉