Thursday 4th June

What a beautiful day!!! Clear skies, dry roads and a promising schedule for tonight's practice. Mark is a little ropey as he has the lurgi so Sarah's nursing him and hopefully he'll feel a bit better by practice time. Not too much to do on the bike.... Cleaning... Slight change on suspension, apart from that..just the usual checks.

All sessions are setting off on time, sidecars ready for 7.50pm... Weather is perfect and roads clear, Wayne and Mark ready....slight delay due to incident, 10 minutes till off. Mark still not too good so steady out the bag. Away they go!!!! 

05.11.612 to Glen Helen, but quick to Ballaugh in 03.47.855. Away to Ramsey and then up on the mountain. Through Cronk ny Mona to Grandsatand with lap time of 107.6303. Second lap away and good light still. Not much change to Glen Helen and only a .1 off to Ballaugh, picked up slightly to Ramsey, but the suspension is hard work and the flies have formed nicely over the visor so Wayne having to accommodate this! Mark tired and it's time to bring them in. A good time still, 107.6410, 10th fastest over the line.

adjustments to be made tomorrow.... Both driver and passenger needing a rest, Mark especially.

Few people realise how much hard work it takes to get a team to the race line....the long hours at work to allow you 3 weeks off work and the stress of preparing the bike, the running around for parts and paperwork. It takes its toll occasionally, and Mark needs a day in bed!! Good on ya Mark, get well soon ya beauty!! You'll be stronger and refreshed! 

After a a damp start to Friday, it's looks like practice should go as planned, sidecars out first.

cheers everyone!