Scarborough...Olivers Mount

Real Racing headed to the Northern based circuit for their last road race of the season. 

Practice went well and the weather was holding up as the boys qualified mid-pack. They was some tough competition and for a few teams, this is their local track so they've had alot more experience and time around here, however, Wayne and Marks determination makes up for what they lack in track experience. 

In race one, Wayne and Mark set off well and picked up good pace, heading to the front of the pack with the leaders. But the bike dug in at the top of the hill climb after the hairpin and went into a violent tank-slap movement, sending Mark hurtling across the tarmac in front of the outfit, with Wayne left fighting with the outfit to try and keep it under control as best as possible at 89mph!!.

Luckily, no one was injured, a few bruises for Mark, (and a shoulder repair was a bonus!!) and no major damage on the bike, just some cosmetic repairs. Wayne was unhurt too, a little grateful....and glad Mark slid out the way in time....even though he was in front of him during the race!!

Rain set in through the night and the next days racing was delayed. Sidecars out late and the team decided to go out for a re-fresher again and try and pull back some pride! Doing a fantastic job, they had a good race, steering clear of any trouble and enjoying the meeting once again....a solid 6th place finish. The day was running very late and Wayne decided that they wouldn't do the last race, but would save the engine for the last race of the season at Brands Hatch on the 8/9th October with BMCRC.

Once again, huge thanks to everyone who has supported the Team and follow us locally too.

Your support is invaluable!