Last of the season....Brands Hatch

Taking the long trip down to the Kent circuit, Wayne and Mark embarked on their last race of the season at Brands Hatch with BMCRC. As former champions of the BMCRC sidecar F2's, Wayne and Mark knew most of the other teams and they knew the track well so were looking forward to a great, well run weekend, with some great racing ahead.

Stuart came down with Mark to lend a hand and enjoy the racing, first short circuit this year for him!! Qualifying was good, conditions fair and the team took on a first place position to lead race 1.

First race.........

Great start, mixed up with a couple of F1's and then the championship leaders came through to catch up with the boys. Wayne knew that he wouldn't take any points for a position finish as he didn't want to mess up any other teams chances of podiums and final places, they just went there to race and see what times they could pick up on. Even so, they finished 4th F2 and enjoyed a great race.

Race 2....

Another good start, a little held up in traffic and taking this one in their stride make sure the engine was strong enough to last for Sundays races. Finishing in 6th place in the F2 class, another sound race.

photo by Mike Yiend

photo by Mike Yiend

Sunday....Race 3

Fueled up and all set, awesome off the line and that set the pace for the whole race for the boys. Best race of the weekend so far, good time too....and a 1st place F2 to go home with! Lap time was 53.212...

Race 4....

Last race of the year....race to enjoy and see what times they can bring in. A good solid 2nd place and a slightly faster time with a 52.819 lap. 

photo by Mike Yiend

photo by Mike Yiend

Real Racing has had a good year, safe finishes, not quite the TT we had hoped for but we were lucky to come home safe and sound. Our thoughts still with Dwights family and friends and Ians nearest and dearest.

The British championship wasn't a success this year due to some problems with the engine regulations, but hopefully that's all sorted for the  coming seasons. We found it hard to keep changing engines with all the different meetings we had planned for the year so we pulled out half way through the championship so Wayne and Mark could concentrate on the road races and put all the effort and money into those engines. A decision not taken lightly but we had to let something go to release the funds elsewhere. 

Once again, thank you so much to all of our sponsors and supporters is impossible to race at this level without your loyal support and generous help. We thank you for the bottom of our boots!!

The '110 CLUB' had a slow but positive start and we are continuing to drum up members for next season, so make sure you check out the club info page, see who's in the most exclusive club in F2 racing and how to become a member!! 

The grand draw will take place during November, a date to be announced, but a great goodie bag on offer. Keep checking in to see who the lucky winner is!!

Massive thanks as always to Mark....our loyal and hard working passenger, friend and ace mechanic! Sarah, for all your hard work with the club, support and great suppers!! Stuey... for the best wheel cleaning ever!!! (and massive support!) Pearl..for always helping whenever your needed! were a diamond at the TT...Thank you..hope to have your help next year!?? 

Anyone else i should mention and havn't, consider yourself mentioned!!Ted, Doc, Jonny, Teddy, Kitty, John F, Les, Trevor, Steve, Keith, Liam, Horst, Jason and all the other talented , dudes and dudettes involved with Real Racing...............THANKYOU!!

Huge congratulations to Horst and Shaggy on they're success of winning the EMRA Championship this year....about time eh? Next the Southern Horst1??

To our Joe Newbold....Speedy recovery from your terrible injuries at the TT this year, your a talent waiting to be found...we believe in you.

Call in if your near to Moreton and have a cuppa or a beer....we love to see everyone one out of season too!!