'110 CLUB' Grand Draw!!!

We will be heading to the Bike Show on the 26th November if anyone would like to join us, and while we are there, we will be doing the '110 Club' grand draw.!!! We had some keen and loyal members this season and there has been much interest for next year and we hope to at least double or treble the count for next season!! The goodie bag has mounted up and one lucky winner will be chosen out the box on the 26th. We may even try and get a 'superstar' to draw it!! 

Will it be your number????!!!!! It could be you!!!!

If you would like to come along to the show on that day, give Wayne or myself a call as we will be taking the big van and will have room for passengers!! 

Also, we would like to congratulate Horst and Andrew (shaggy) on their win of the EMRA championship!! We joined them, along with Horsts sister, Roxane, Jonny and Scott from Dirty Weekender and Horsts guest friend, on saturday evening at Sketchly Grange, Hinkley, for the awards evening! Big surprise to them!! So glad EMRA were able to fit us in at short notice, we had a fantastic night. It was also a very proud night for team Walczak, as they were awarded the 'Dongo' trophy by Jonny! An honour to win it and great to have it back in the Ireson family once again!!

Weldone, you deserve it!!

See you all soon, only 191 days to go!!!