Wednesday practice

Another perfect night, the wind is up a bit across the mountain section but it's clear all around the course. Wayne and Mark have made a couple of adjustments to the suspension and it seems to be making the ride a lot more settled for both of them. They picked up speed on most of the sector times, only held up at one point but first lap time of 108.07 then out for a second lap.

Lap 2 saw the boys improving yet again on the sector times, they were on for a 110 lap but the 25 mph wind was driving straight at them so Wayne had to drop her down a couple of gears and push hard across the mountain, coming down towards the nook and back along the start /finish line for a great lap time of 109.81. Good, steady progress for the boys and we're looking forward to Thursday night. 

Photo by Mike Yiend

Photo by Mike Yiend


Engine change today so we need to run this one in for first lap and go easy on second lap. No problems, just bedding in both race engines.

If anyone wants to call down to the paddock and see us for a cuppa and a chat we would love to see you....

Thanks for everyone's help and support.


Monday 30th may....first practice

Real Racing team camp is set up, everyone is on the go, doing their jobs and helping prepare for the first practice tonight!

Wayne and Mark the workshop

Wayne and Mark the workshop

The new coach be revealed later!

The new coach be revealed later!

First lap, out to bed in new brakes, tyres, test suspension settings, in at the nook to tighten chain then out for second lap for a slightly faster time. Held up in a bit of traffic and staying out of the way of a couple of outfits that need some space across the mountain mile! Coming back in with a lap speed of 107.732, good going for test lap.

A few adjustments to be done but now prepping for Tuesday's practice.


6 days to go

We can't believe it, TT is nearly here! Van almost ready, outfit will be ready and loaded Monday night. We have a great team, awesome outfit and a low bank account, so anyone interested in '110 club', please contact Lynda on 07710542187.

Cheers, keep an eye out for updates throughout the whole TT fortnight!





Oulton Park

Nice and dry, unlike the forecast, a little cold but thats good for engine power. Went out for warm up, something didn't feel right, turned out we had a front puncture! Quallifying with new front tyre on but still not right, pulled in and couldnt beleive it, another flat. This time it was checked and found to be faulty valves that were the cause. Qualified in 8th place after all that, so not too bad under circumstances!

Race 1

Made some changes to the bike, a bit of a gamble as it was the first time out without flat tyre! Off to good start but got blocked in at the first bend, came out in 9th, got held up for 1-2 laps then made a pass stick and had a big gap to catch up with front runners. Used this race to get used to changes made and handling settings which gave us an 8th place finish.... could be better but race 2 to go.

photo by Mike Yiend

photo by Mike Yiend

Race 2

Good start again, but so was everyone else! Everyone in British Championship are at the top of their game and they take some keeping up with, that was the senario for this race and we remained in 8th, only this time we stayed right with the leaders until lap 4 when a couple of missed gear changes messed up the run. Managed to catch them back up but with only a 7 lap race we had run out of track time. Shame as we were on the noise! Still, another 8th place, which keeps us 8th in the Championship table.

We are having to miss the next round at Donnington Park as the outfit is having extensive work done and we need the preparation time for the TT, (only 3 weeks till Wayne leaves!)  we need the outfit to be top knotch for the main race of the year!

Please can everyone keep checking in with us here on the blog for regular updates at the TT, i will do my best to relay each practice and race result as it comes in, photos included so you can soak up the atmosphere even if your not able to be there. 

The '110 Club' needs alot more members,  so spread the word....PLEASE! Email me, call me, i have some fab membership packs ready to go and an outfit that needs your support!

See you on the Island for the unveiling of the new coachwork, she's going to look striking!

Safe journey for everyone.......



Donnington Park... BEMSEE round

Will be great to blow the cob webs away, and we had a test day booked with BEMSEE so we met up with Mark and Sarah on the Friday and went out at lunchtime to see how we settled back into things.

Last years old cold tyres, bit of rain, nothing new there then, but great to be back on track!! We've also fitted a brand new Abbtec Exhaust, WOW!!!! What a noise!! All good, next 2 sessions were dry and we really had fun.

Saturday...1st race

Got off to a good start........ then red flag was out....massive crash on start line, lucky to get out of the way of it all, hope all ok. Round for the re-start, unfortunately red flagged again shortly after, but all ok. Race 1 abandoned due to the incidents, we wish everyone well.

Race 2

Second and only race on Saturday, off to a great start, held up a little bit with traffic, cold tyres etc. (it took 4 laps to warm them up!) Front runners going well and, for a change, we could still see them! Not far off either! Finished a not too bad 4th for first race out this year, could of done with a few more laps!

Photo by Mike Yiend

Photo by Mike Yiend

Sunday...Race 1

Exhaust set in happy noise mode and 3 year old inters on, we were off from 2nd row so we could keep Lee Crawford in sight, which isn't easy as he's riding blooming well! Founds made an attempt to out brake us for 2nd place at Melbourne Loop but he out braked himself as well and Real Racing went on to win 2nd place!! Happy Days!!

2nd Race

Started of front row next to Lee but this time we were on the right tyres, even though they were a year old from the start of last years FSRA meets!! Apart from a close run with Lee until the end of the 1st lap then he was gone!! Had a couple of lonely laps then until Founds crept up on us and after we'd changed places a couple of times, he got away from us but we still managed to hold onto 3rd place after an gaggle of back markers were in front so it slowed us up a bit.

Photo by Derek Donsworth

Photo by Derek Donsworth

Great week end, thanks to Mike and BEMSEE gang, another well run weekend!

Good to be back in the seat with Mark by the side, great team work!!

Looking forward to Oulton Park this weekend. We have 3 spare tickets if anyone would like to come along on Saturday. Phone Lynda on 07710542187.

Also, please pass on the details for the exclusive '110 CLUB'

Club link next to blog page on home page. We need as many members as possible and the goodie bag for the end of year draw is going to be a fantastic prize for someone!!

Midshires Grass Track

Hi There

We've got some friends who run the Midshires Grass Track Meetings and we'd like to show our appreciation of their sport. We have been to watch and it really is a well run and exciting sport. They have a meeting on 8th May, click on their website linked from the sponsor page for more details.

Cheers Fig!!

TT Numbers

Evening all!!! The numbers are in..........We're a respectable number 11........happy with that.

There's a hugely experienced,  first class grid and we are proud to be in the top few. Lots of activity in camp at the moment, van in for repairs, work going on with the outfit, too much to mention!!

Looking forward to the first race of the season, a BEMSEE round at Donnington Park on the 8/9/10th April. If anyone would like to come along and support us, email me for a couple of tickets!!

See you soon.......

Happy New Year!!

Its been a long winter... where's the snow?? Hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas and the new year rolled in with fresh ideas and enormous plans!! Sorry I'm late updating the blog, (Horst!) Bob's been really busy sorting the outfit out, getting the van up to scratch and making lots of trips all over the country for various bike bits! Mark and Sarah have been busy too, sorting out their new wheels and new team ideas. We've finally got our plans for this season sorted.......

The FSRA British Championship

The Isle of Man TT

The Southern 100

Possibly a couple of Olivers Mount, Scarborough.

All dates are subject to our circumstance,s and funds permitting, we will endeavour to complete all of these races to the best of our ability, (that, of course goes without saying!!)  the progress of the outfit and health and temper of the team members!!

As always, Real Racing is 100% committed and  professional in every aspect of our performance and we welcome any of our sponsors to come to visit us, both at home or at a circuit. We can provide a couple of tickets to various short circuit meeting this year and would be honoured to have the support!

We have ideas in the pipeline for a new promotional plan, so watch this space....I will update over the next few weeks with the finished product!!

In the mean time.....if there is anyone out there who is keen to advertise or would just like to help out and throw all their money at us......we're ready and waiting!! Just give me or Bob a call, email or face book the team and Sarah will pass it on. (Sarah deals with face book page!)  

For now, its all go in the workshop and we're looking forward to the first race!! It will be awesome to get back on the noise and we cant wait to get back to the Island, not long now!! (116 days!!)

.................bye for now................


Round 5...Cadwell Park

After a few weeks break, the team headed off to Cadwell Park for a closely run championship, with only a few points separating the leader board. Wayne had changed the engine and was hopeful of some better finishes.


Started off really well then a misjudgement saw the boys go off circuit at the top of the gooseneck, Wayne thought you could take it faster than was possible!! But continued on and finished mid pack with a time of 1.42.111.

Race 1...

Really well away but then got held up in an snarl up that Ian Bell was in so lost the tow with the front runners. Was then passed by Atkinson and Wallis after losing the front end at the bottom of the mountain area, Wayne fights with the Ireson around the bends but his lines are good and finishes in 9th place with a time of 1.41.413.

Race 2... sunday

Another stunning start from Wayne and Mark, having a job to hold off Wallis and Atkinson again Atkinson passes and slowly gaps them, Wallis makes his move but this time the boys get the position back and hold Wallis off and end up with a respectable 7th place and a time of 1.41.201, which is nearly a second and a half quicker than last years times but still almost 3 seconds off the lead! New tyres all round are desperatly needed for the last round at Croft on the 26/27th September, so if there is anyone able to help us with that then give me or Wayne a call, just click the contact details.

Was a great weekend though and some excellent racing, looking forward to the last round and make a few last points count.

Thanks to everyone once again... Your help and support is invaluable.

Many thanks to those who came to our BBQ, John, Min,Wayne, Do-Da, Russell, Stu and Em, Andy, Dad......Lovely to see you all and thanks for supporting us too!

photo by Mike Yiend

photo by Mike Yiend

Pretty Muddy

Thank you!!! To everyone who sponsored me....I raised nearly £150 and I will raise more. We need to find a cure for the dreaded 'C'. It was an emotional day but a fantastic way of bring so many like minded people together, all of which have suffered one way or the other with the loss of a loved one. Thank you.....

Round 4....Anglesey

After a 9 hour journey.....yes...9 hours.....we arrived at a wet and wind Anglesey circuit. It's a beautiful area and a well set up circuit so we hoped for a great weekends racing and some sunny weather! Mark and Sarah arrived late and had a good rest before we got set up. Rain through the night but we woke to a much more promising sky on Saturday, scrutineering was done by 9.30am and then out for practice. With the wind blowing in from the sea, the track was drying out well and the boys felt the outfit was running pretty good, back to standard engines after the southern 100 so less horses to play with but with experience and determination they should have a good place on course. They qualified 9th which was less than a second off the next 4 outfits leading into the top 5. Back into a great position along side some of the cream of British sidecar racers, where they belong!

Race 1...

A beautifully sunny day, 24 outfits on the grid, Wayne and Mark had a great start to the 20 lap race on the coastal circuit. There were some great battles going on around the course...the top 5 or 6 with the Founds leading the field, closely followed by last years TT winner Conrad Harrison and then the ever popular Bells. The boys held a strong position within the top 10 among Lowthers, Lindley and Ramsdens. A few shake ups mid way saw Ramsden DNF along with Lille in lap 17. Wayne was holding a good race position and they both had a fantastic race, finishing in 7th place with a race time of 1.15.470, a fraction of a second behind Holden and Lindley.

Sunday...Race 2

What a change in the weather!!! It was dark, cold wind and raining!  They'd changed the tyres and went out for practice to accustom themselves with the conditions. Towards lunchtime it had stopped raining and was drying up so some outfits had gone back to slicks, but Wayne had decided to wait, there was dark clouds over the sea which was heading our way! Good call, the heavens opened just before the race. Torrential rain....standing water all around the circuit. We thought it would be cut short, but no, 20 laps in these was going to be interesting.

Staring in 9th, as the did yesterday in qualifying, they stayed top end of the pack off the start finish straight into the first corner where we saw Crawford have a moment and his passenger fell out leaving him sat mid track and unfortunately being hit by another outfit. Amazingly he got up and climbed back on ready to continue, however, they have to retire to be medically check as some injuries lay hidden so you must retire to seek medical attention. Hope all was well. Wayne and Mark having a steady but solid race, although vision was so limited, Wayne couldn't see more than an outfits length in front. Dukes and Morgan retired early as lack of wet tyres means no grip, Bryan and Winn retire in lap 8 and Shand in lap 14. The rain was relentless, the times were down and the outfits struggling with standing water. Lap 16 saw a huge crash between Lowthers and Quayes. The red flag was shown and we beleive the both John and Jake received some medical attention but are ok, outfit heavily damaged. Mend soon boys....see you soon. Quayes escape injury. Finish called, Founds 1st, bell second and Holden 3rd. Weldone.....Wayne and Mark fiinshed well in 8th place which was only another fraction off the top 5 times. It was a close race with such close finishing times that there wasn't much between the top 10. Brilliant and exciting to watch...Weldone to all of the competitors.

Thank you to the Wirral 100 motor club for a great weekends racing. Weldone to the organisers of the Saturday night quiz, raising over £150 for benevolent fund.

Many thanks to Derek C Donsworth for cracking usual.

Prepaing now for Cadwell Park in September....but an August break to do some much needed home time!! 

Huge thanks Stuey for the rubber! Much appreciated. Thanks to everyone for all you support....we can't do it without you!

Southern 100

Well...after a disspointing Castle Combe...we had had only one week to change engines, get the old fairing resprayed, and sort out all the issues that were preventing Wayne and Mark from achieving better, stronger results and feel positive about the racing yet again........


What a week....Wayne made most of it happen....together with Mark...they did the rest as a team..and what a team!!!!

Of course, the Manx weather was going to spoil it all for a little while, a practice session on inters instead of wets let the boys down and saw them unclassified for the first race...oh dear..however, they were supposed to go out for another couple of laps which could of been a better result but a red flag in the prior solo race meant that practice session was cancelled and they only had 2 untimed laps the next day, so the grid position of second to last was a bit of a disaster for the boys! 

Wayne had other ideas and off the start line for race one..... Low sun....nearly last to start, to 6th place into the first corner!!!! WOW!!! What a start! A close encounter with the honourable Horst..into the first then past and a strong hold on 5th throughout the race. The Billown circuit runs over 4.250 miles of closed roads....and is eye wateringly fast around the very bumpy twisting roads!! Wayne and Mark were on top form and the outfit had got the mo Jo back.......Real Racing was back!!!! We finished in 5th, a lonely but strong race and top finish.

Race 8.... Thursday 9th.

The second of the two races...this was the sidecar championship race held over 8 laps compared to Wednesdays 6 laps. All running well..fuelling issues sorted, tyres changed and a couple of very positive racers on board. An earlier start to this race..the sun is not so low...not too much waiting around so time to crack on.

Starting in a better position, the boys went off behind Conrad and held a firm 5th position throughout the race, it was only on lap 6 that Conrad pulled away a touch that the team had a quiet race on their own. By the end of lap 8, they had a fantastic 5th place.... Lap time of 2.38.598 with an average speed of 96.470... Which was 3 seconds off the leaders, but this isn't unacheiveable with a few more tweaks here and there. We know the problems but we can't solve them over night.... However...this was a fantastic finish and we are all so proud of them both for the effort, hardwork and dedication they put in ove the whole week. They both did an amazing job and so did all the the team.

The Southern 100 has been running for 60 years and for a real treat, they held some parade laps and we were honoured to of been allowed to do a couple of laps later that day, thanks George! Lynda, the wife!,, me....was the passenger!! on earth does Mark hold on over the bumps!!! Weldone're a legend!

Thank you to everyone who helped get us this far. Please spread the website address around and remember that Sarah has started us a Facebook page, which she looks after brilliantly! Cheers chuck!

see you at Anglsey and then we'll be off in August but back the first week in September at Cadwell Park, a busy September! Scarbourough, and Croft! 

Cheers Derek for the wicked pictures! 

Castle Combe

With the TT a distant memory... We re focused on the next British round at one of our local circuits. Just an hour from home, Wayne got there and met up with Mark, Sarah and Roy...(Stuey!)

Standard engine back in and, after the appalling performance of the new fairing at the TT, we decided that the old one would be safer, even though it's looking very tired! (A new and much improved fairing is to be made in August...we hope!) The work that Wayne has had to do to get the outfit ready for this meeting has been extensive and we were hoping for some great times.

Qualifying on Saturday morning didn't produce any record breaking times and they ended practice with a lap time of 1.19.75 which put them in 12th place. Both Wayne and Mark felt the bike was pulling well into and out of the corners, yet it was still slacking on the straights. The race itself was going pretty well, good weather and a decent start, the top end power still struggling...lap time of 1.18.99 and a finish position of 11th. 

Race 2 on Sunday was set to have the same feel about it. Although the bike was spinning up too which Wayne realised that the rear tyre was so hard that it was impossible to get any heat into it, it had been used for the TT so had come to the end of its track time! An outfit scraped the bales at the chicane which saw a yellow being which point Wayne and Mark were over taken by Ramsden...not a move that should of happened...but went unnoticed by marshalls so race finished and the boys were placed 13th with lap time of 1.18.77.

Over all, a dissapointing weekend. There are some issues with the power, the tyres, and air intake. The Southern 100 is just one week away and Wayne will be in the workshop, driving country wide to deliver and collect parts, engine etc. We need to sort out the problems and start progressing to rekindle the confidence that has been knocked just recently! 

Thanks to Derek and Mike....

Huge thanks to Unit 56...... Please check out their website....WOW!!! Some awesome machines!!!!!

See you all at the Southern 100......rain rain go away!!!!

Photo by Derek C Donsworth 

Photo by Derek C Donsworth 

Race 2

The conditions were perfect all around the course... Dry, warm and still. The outfit had been checked and double checked!! Wayne had a spot of physio on his arms to free the muscles up a bit and Mark had rested up.

It was a bit of a rush to get up to scutineering and before we knew it the call had come for all outfits to the start line! Leathers on, lids, and energy drinks ready, they were all set for the off. 

Leaders away, Bray hill beckoned. They felt good, in tune with the bike, at one with the course as they focused on the end of the start/finish straight..... They're off....

Glen Helen in 05.13.326, the to Ballaugh, up at 03.43.171, looking good. This is a great standing start time, Sarah and I watch the sector times come through in pit return so it an anxious time, waiting for the next sector time to come in. We're not dissapointed! Ramsey and on to bungalow in 03.55.006 and back down to grandstand for a lap time of 109.390. Awesome!

Lap 2.... Things are looking set for a flyer. 05.10.909 to Glen Helen, that's 3 seconds better than lap one. Then there's a change... A 5 second gain at Ballaugh and another at Ramsey. There's a problem... We weren't to know till later but they had smashed 6th gear at the bottom of Baggarrow. The rest of the race would be ran in 5th, if they were able to finish....

The last section saw them come past with a lap time of 108.897, still fantastic, but down on time. Last lap proved to be a hard one, oil cooler leaking a bit, fairing battling areo dynamics and no 6th gear... They were doing well to hold this lap together. But even though times were down, the boys brought it home with a lap time of 107.087, securing a fantastic 7th place and another top ten win!!!

Thanks aren't enough for everyone who's helped get us this far, we need and appriciate all your help, from sponsors to photographers to everyone in camp.

We hope that Jake Louther makes a speedy recovery after taking a tumble at Handleys!

Get well soon to Tony and Del Boy.....

We will see you at Castle Coombe then back on the island for the Southern 100.

Tuesday 9th

Recovering from yesterday's race, there's a few issues to deal with today so we will miss the one lap practice and continue to work on these before tomorrow's race!

Wayne having a spot of physio on his arms to settle them and Mark resting up but all good.

Forcast great for the race.

Race one

Anticipation was at its highest when the announcement come over the speaker that there had been a serious incident at Ballacrae and there would be a delay of about 3 hours to the race. Mark is now feeling 'like brand new' and Wayne just want to get on the noise!! 

Outfits to the start line, up on Glenclutchery Road, they all look stunning! Nerves are kicking in but everyone is excited, Bray Hill awaits!

The leaders are off....Moly, Conrad, Holden, Birchalls...Wayne and Mark are leaving in 9th place and as they're set under the arch on the startline, Marks leans over the back to get some all important grip in the rear wheel....and they're off!!!! 

Heading off down Bray Hill with the devil snapping at their heels, Glen Helen is the first sector time with 05.15.455 then to Ballaugh to get some air under the wheels.... 3.46.703. All steady for the first lap, bedding in tyres and making sure the everything is smooth. At Ramsey in 03.59.765 and then to the mountain, some wind but not too bad, however, Wayne is finding the gear shifting hard on his arms...and with the wind it can tire you. But it doesn't stop him pushing as hard as he can down Cronk ny Mona and across Grandsatand for a lap of 108.862.

Lap 2. The flying lap. There seems to be a slight hold in top with the engine, almost like its holding back and they can't get to it, lack of air, or something that isn't quite right, but the speeds in some sections are up on last year so it's strange. Wayne pulls 3seconds up to Glen Helen and is picking up and dropping seconds all through the course,. Sulby is not fast enough but other sections are improved...pulling time up down the Cronk back to Grandstand for a lap time of 109.018. 

Lap 3. Give it all you can....Wayne's not so happy with how hard it's feeling, Marks good, could probably do another 3 laps!!!! Just losing fractions of a second from Rob Hancock and just in front of Tony Baker and Steve Ramsden, they head off from Ramsey, up to the mountain section for the last time this race....picking up to the Bungalow at 03.53.323 and down the Cronk, losing a fraction to cross back down the start/finish with a time of 108.983.

Theyre back in safe, tired, but a solid 10th place and a good performance, a little bit frustrating but we will make adjustments and be back for next race on Wednesday! Many thanks to everyone who has helped's invaluable!

see you for race 2....... If I'm slow updating its because the Internet connection keeps disappearing! This is my 4th attempt so bear with me!!!!

Friday 5th June

Another cracking day with the weather, visibility good all around the course. Wayne, Stu and Teddy have had a day cleaning the looks like it's been chrome plated! Wayne changed the chain so a quick stop at the Nook later for teddy to help adjust it after a few miles. Mark feeling a bit brighter so hopefully a steady first lap and a flier to finish the practice.

Ready for the off on Glenclutchery Road instead of pit lane, timetable running smoothly, sun low but clear skies and dry roads. Just going steady, making sure Mark is settled and the chain is bedded in, no problems around, chain adjusted at the nook, no a 5 minute section! Then time for a flier to get back in the zone! 5.11.940 to Glen Helen, not yet at full pace, slightly quicker into Balluagh and a couple of seconds off to Ramsey. No traffic so a clear run across to the Bungalow and back for the home straight down the Cronk ny Mona to grandstand for a lap time of 108.6323.

Saturday 6th June.....Race 1...... Cancelled due to 50 mph winds at low level and 60mph around the mountain. No races ran today, and sadly, a helicopter pilot lost his life after his aircraft crashed by the 33nd. Our thoughts are with his family. 

Sunday 7th June

The supers were out today for what was, 6 corking laps of speed, guts and glory! Weldone Bruce, Ian and James, very unlucky incident for MD, hope all ok and the other fella involved, we hope you're ok too. 

Race one now being held on Monday at 11.15am... Weather permitting, it's going to be a busy day!!!